The knife I use for everything! Splitter EDC.
  • The knife I use for everything! Splitter EDC.

    Made by two of my good friends this knife is hand-forged in the high desert of Taos, NM, where the mountain quenches its sharp silhouette in the Rio Grande, the Splitter EDC is as durable and elegant as the landscape that inspires its design.

    Wrought from high carbon steel for maximum strength and edge retention.

    Black oxide for rust prevention and style.

    Form fit, handcrafted leather sheath, carefully finished for water resistance and minimal pocket profile.

    Anodized spring titanium clip, for a secure fastening mechanism that will fit any belt, pocket or backpack strap.  

    Original, mountain-inspired artwork by Peter W. Gilroy, engraved on blade and grip, featuring the topography of the Rio Grande Del Norte National Monument on one side and Taos Mountains profile on the other.

    Made by two friends, jeweler Peter W. Gilroy and swordsmith Travis F. Webb, whose love for the outdoors manifests in this unique, collector quality knife.