My work seeks to express the core personality of the subject that I am painting or drawing. Viewing the medium itself as a vehicle for such expression, I explore the abstract qualities of paint and charcoal in while endeavoring to showcase an emotional quality unique to the subject.

Born and raised in Taos, NM (1988) Aaron grew up surrounded by art and creativity. "I have drawn for as long as I can remember," he says. His mother is an accomplished artist, as was is grandmother. In his late teens he won a number of awards for his portraiture,  "I'd grown up watching my mom and her friends make it as artists, but it wasn't until winning the awards  and selling those pieces that it occurred to me I might be able to do it too." Years later he began working to make that thought a reality, "One of my art teachers, David Leffel would joke about the horror he experienced when he thought of working a non-creative job. I really could relate to that."


Aaron’s search for creative work took him to Los Angeles where he did freelance graphic design, however, he did not find the creative freedom he had hoped for. He eventually returned to New Mexico. He sought out teachers and creative opportunities that would allow him to develop his skills further. “Representational art isn't easy, I've had the great good fortune of getting to work with and learn from some very accomplished artists." He was a live-in apprentice to Sherrie McGraw and David Leffel. He studied briefly at the Watts Atelier. He maintains friendships with many Taos artists today. He also adds that "Taos is one of the most creatively and culturally rich places around. It's a good place to be pursuing life as an artist.”

 Aaron’s work seeks to express the core personality of the subject that he is painting or drawing. His technique is informed by the traditions of the past while his thinking around the work is of it’s time. It is this blending of the old and new that makes Aaron’s work so dynamic and exciting.






  • 2008 Best in show, Taos Open, Taos, NM

  • 2009 Best in Representational Drawing, Taos Open, Taos, NM

  • 2010 Portraits of the Sacred, Stable Gallery, Taos, NM

  • 2013 Under the Hill, 11 Artist Under 40. Blumenschein Museum, Taos, NM

  • 2017 Meet the Artist Solo Show, Taos Art Museum, Taos, NM

  • 2017 MTA “An Homage to Fechin” with Nathaniel Volckening Taos Art Museum, Taos, NM.

  • 2018 “The Tajmagunians, New Mexico Meets New York” Salmagundi Club, New York City, NY

  • 2019 Birth and Rebirth, Studio 107 B, Taos, NM 

  • 2019 Auction at The Couse-Sharp Historic Site, Taos, NM 

  • 2019 Auction at the Taos, Art Musuem, Taos, NM

  • 2019 On the Turquoise Sill, Revolt Gallery Taos, NM

  • 2019 40 Artist Under 40, Taos Center For the Arts, Taos, NM  

  • 2020 Parsons Gallery of the West, Virtual Summer Show, Taos NM  

  • 2021 In Rainbows, Wester Gallery Virtual Show


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